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Ligament Injury Rehabilitation Newcastle

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Braces & Casts

Braces and casts are used at Sport & Spine to manage bone, ligament, tendon and muscle injuries of certain types and severity.

    • Simple, undisplaced fractures of the upper and lower limb are often managed with plasters, fiberglass casts, splints and boots.
    • Ligament injuries are often managed in boots, splints and braces to promote healing, protect joints and provide the best long term outcomes.

Combining this early, appropriate injury management with manual therapy and exercise, forms the basic treatment and rehabilitation which will provide the best outcomes and return our patients to previous activity levels.



There has been significant research in recent years regarding the management of injuries and the role of specific rehabilitation. Specific prehab and rehab for surgical procedures, has also been found essential to optimise function and expedite return to work and sports. The biggest factor is excellent, personalised rehabilitation aligned with your goals.

Here at Sport and Spine Physiotherapy, we offer evidence-based exercise prescription, a fully equipped gym and a close collaboration with a network of specialists.

We are here to help you return stronger than ever!