Diagnostic Ultrasound Newcastle

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The Physiotherapists at Sport and Spine have been using Diagnostic Ultrasound to assess muscle function of a patient’s core, including abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles, for over a decade.
Diagnostic Ultrasound is also a valuable investigation for muscle strains and tears. The information obtained can assist in providing a clearer prognosis for the injury, particularly to differentiate between tears and strains, but also to provide a time frame for rehabilitation and a return to sport or work.

Ultrasound is an extremely useful adjunct to treatment and muscle education in patients with chronic and acute back pain, pelvic pain and abdominal wall dysfunction. It is beneficial in training athletes who need to ensure optimum function of their abdominal and trunk muscles.
Ultrasound is the perfect tool to educate post- partum women with a diastasis, or women wanting to return to their pre baby abdominal wall function.  It is a non- invasive way to assess pelvic floor function, so vital to recovery post pregnancy and delivery.