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Chris Downs has been assessing feet and lower limb biomechanical systems since 1988, and prescribing and constructing semi-rigid orthoses. Patients requiring these services range from elite athletes to those desiring to maintain healthy levels of activity, and from the very young to elderly.

All our Physiotherapists have been trained to assess and measure lower limbs and feet, which may then determine the type of intervention, if any, is required. Not all lower limb issues need to incorporate orthotics for an optimal outcome. However, when they are an appropriate intervention, it is essential they are a customised device with specific prescriptions.

Maintaining mobility is essential to good health and quality of life. If mechanical problems with lower limbs and feet are identified at an early age or stage, then many issues can be addressed both in the short term and over life’s stages.

Cost is often a consideration when orthotics are prescribed, particularly for young people whose feet are constantly growing. Our orthotics are all very affordable even for young families, with a significant amount of the cost being covered by most health funds.

Chris has a special interest in examining young children in relation to detecting abnormalities in the lower limbs and feet, which may best be identified and addressed as early as possible.